Nov 28, 2012

Teaching Jon Hassler

Central Lakes College English instructors are teaching "Staggerford" by Jon Hassler this year, 32 years after the late novelist left his classroom job on the Brainerd campus to teach at his alma mater, St. John's University, Collegeville. Joe Plut is the foremost expert on his friend, Jon Hassler, having taught entire courses based on Hassler works before retiring from CLC. Joe has followed his  "Conversations with Jon Hassler" to craft the forthcoming insightful book, "My Simon's Night Journal" based on Jon's informative letters to friends while writing the 1979 novel "Simon's Night." On Tuesday, Nov. 27, four years after the naming of CLC's Jon Hassler Library, Joe and 130 friends, faculty, fellow retirees, and students enjoyed a "Night with Jon Hassler." Several donations to the library and the Jon Hassler Scholarship at CLC marked the occasion, as well as readings from Joe's extensive research and the Jon Hassler archives. Special guests included  Gretchen Kresl Hassler and publisher Norton Stillman of Nodin Press, Minneapolis. Larry Kellerman, CLC librarian, introduced Jon Hassler items added to the library, from honorary academic regalia to publications featuring interviews and reviews.