Jan 12, 2011

Tribute to Dominique

As Central Lakes College says goodbye to Dominique Corder today (Jan. 12) in a noon-hour memorial, columnist Rachel Blount paid tribute in the StarTribune newspaper, commenting on the death of the Raider quarterback who died Jan. 1 in his hometown of Indianapolis. The 20-year-old was murdered outside his grandmother's house 40 minutes into the new year. Head Coach Greg Medeck, assistants Jim Strohmeier and Adam Buffington, and over 20 of Corder's Raider teammates attended the Jan. 7 funeral. Corder's death "has left an unfillable void" for those who knew Dom, said Blount, noting that the All-American had a future in football and beyond as he envisioned returning to Indianapolis to make his neighborhood a better place. "A dynamic, unpredictable player with a powerful arm and nimble feet," Dom was attracting attention from NCAA Division I and II schools, "but he never boasted -- and he never stopped trying to improve." He "viewed education as the means to return home as an agent of change," Blount wrote. A special football created in memory of Dom will be placed in the CLC trophy case so everyone present and future will know about one CLC student who took pride in his athletic and academic pursuits and continues to shed light on lives. The column can be found at