Oct 7, 2011

Ronny Cox concert

Musician-actor Ronny Cox, a New Mexico native who has created a niche as a folksie singer-songwriter after performing in more than 125 films, played to a full Dryden Theatre on Thursday, Oct. 6. His appearance was made possible by the Cultural Arts Series at Central Lakes College, Brainerd and Staples. This was the first in a nine-stop roadtrip of concerts for Cox and two fellow musicians. Accompanied by guitarist-accordionist Dave Stoddard of Fergus Falls and mandolinist-vocalist Karen Mal of Austin, Texas, Ronny covered a full range of favorites in a concert brimming with genuine affection for people, places, and sentiments. He played two tributes to his late wife Mary, pondered the fate of a mysterious of lost traveler in Mexico, paid homage to Navajo culture, and found the lighter side of trucker life. His cinematic affection served him well in lyrics and images painted in melody. He greeted the audience at the door, bid them farewell as they left, and after playing his announced encore politely suggested to the audience, "Go home."
Images by Mark Slupe: http://www.flickr.com/photos/58518185@N04