Oct 12, 2011

Supreme Court at CLC

The Minnesota Supreme Court came to Central Lakes College Tuesday. The justices mixed business with pleasure, giving the public an opportunity to enjoy informal time -- and a dinner -- in the Brainerd campus cafeteria. The court does it once a year around the state in conjunction with a judicial district, in this case the ninth. The community dinner showed the justices’ human side. Each justice spoke briefly to the audience, dispensing advice to college and high school students, teasing their colleagues about hobbies and emphasizing the importance of the civility and open-mindedness with which they try to approach their jobs. The justices were welcomed by CLC President Larry Lundblad. They include Chief Justice Lori Skjerven Gildea, and justices Alan Page (pictured), Paul Anderson, G. Barry Anderson, Christopher Dietzen, David Stras, and Helen Meyer. Justice Paul Anderson described CLC as a “gem of an institution.” He said his travels to other countries have convinced him that America’s top qualities are its freedom and its education system. “I’m at the point, if we don’t support education, I think it’s unpatriotic,” Anderson said.
Photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/58518185@N04