May 24, 2012

Transition camp

Central Lakes College, Brainerd and Staples, recently hosted about 50 high school seniors for the Mille Lacs Area Senior High School Transition Camp. The students attended mini-sessions that included interactive dialogue on the following topics with the following experts:
1.      Diversity – discrimination policies, Mary Sam.
2.      Transition -- Lane Beauvais.
3.      Advising -- navigating through the college system, Jane Vogt.
4.      Financial Aid – what do you need to know, Mike Barnaby.
5.      Student Life  -- clubs, activities, sports, fine arts, Erich Heppner.
6.      College/University Communication Systems/Online D2L, e-services, e-mail; why you should stay connected, Julie Jo Larson.
7.      Disability -- reasonable accommodations, supportive services, Aaron Mertes.
8.      Admissions -- career exploration, registration processes, online learning, Rose Tretter.

A panel of CLC students focused on books and materials, keys to success, student orientation, pushing yourself and selecting the right classes, self-advocacy and seeking advice to make connections, finding an adviser, mentorship, getting to know your campus and faculty, balancing course work, jobs, sports and fine arts activities, the first two weeks of adjusting to change, building relationships and finding support, college drop-add policies and withdrawing from class, what to do if in a bind, and dealing with conflict.
            Student panelists were Julie Jo Larson, Anna Backberg, Shay Samuelson, and Adam Schlangen.
The event was held to assist college-age students with information specific to CLC as well as providing knowledge about being “college-ready” and knowing what is needed to be a successful college student. The students were given the opportunity to connect with a variety of college leaders willing to serve as mentors.
            Charles Black Lance, director of TRiO-Upward Bound and Student Support Services, was the keynote speaker. His talk was titled “So, You’re Going to College.”
            Mike Kuklok, instructor in the Heavy Equipment Operation and Maintenance program, provided a simulator for the students to try their eye-hand coordination in life-like excavation. He discussed non-traditional careers and global job opportunities.
            Mary Sam, Director of Diversity, Equity and Tribal Relations, coordinated the event, with assistance from Megan Olson, TRiO student support adviser.