Aug 9, 2010

Remodeling on target

Jeremy Johnson of Gull Lake Glass placed new door-side window panels in the larger, high-tech classroom E318 on the Brainerd campus. The room had been E317 and E319 but now will accommodate 40 students with its increase of about 10 feet, said Bruce Eide of the maintenance staff.

Central Lakes College remodeling projects are nearing completion as the new academic year approaches. Almost $1 million in construction and renovation involves new heating and ventilation for much of the east side of the Brainerd campus as well as the Staples robotics and weight room areas. For the first time, rooms such as the physics lab and the gym will be air conditioned. A 48-person computer lab linked to the new math curriculum replaces E 313 and E314 in Brainerd, and a central handling unit for all the new HVAC occupies what had been the office of instructor Mark Platta (E311). A large, high-tech classroom (E318) replaces E317 and E319. There is new paint, new glass, and new carpet along with the new air handling system. The new Staples vidoegraphy production program gets an all-new, state-of-the-art studio and production space to use the latest technology. The Chalberg Theatre renovation will continue into October, but all other areas of construction are on schedule for completion by the first day of the fall term, Aug. 23.