Jan 27, 2011

Ice Fishing Extravaganza

International students attending Central Lakes College toured the Brainerd Jaycees $150,000 Ice Fishing Extravaganza on a well-frozen Gull Lake Sat., Jan. 22, where they met Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton on the ice for a cold winter photo opp and a warming-up huddle with State Rep. John Ward, Dayton's escort for the first-ever visit by a state Governor to the popular event. About 10,000 people attend it most years, boosting the local tourism economy for at least a day around Hole-In-The-Day Bay. Most of the international students at CLC have never experienced a cold winter but they warmed up with plenty of assisting duties and accompanying fun activities. As members of the International Club, they are planning the second annual Celebration of Nations at CLC for the spring. Hosts for the students anticipate boating with them on thawed waters to maximize the seasonal wonder of northland experience.