Mar 4, 2011

Mixed Blood

Mixed Blood Theatre of Minneapolis will present "Minnecanos," a touching and invigorating renewal of family and culture, in Chalberg Theatre at Central Lakes College on Thursday, April 21 at noon. This is the story of an old man awakening his great-granddaughter's interest in their shared Chicano history. Presented by the CLC Spanish Department, the free 45-minute dramatic performance offers an illumination of Mexican American history that spans the entire 20th century, highlights El Rencanche, the mass deportations of the Great Depression and the Cesar Chavez-led farm workers movement. The play is a celebration of the accomplishments, character and aspirations of Latinos in Minnesota and across the country. Mixed Blood is a multi-cultural theatre company founded in 1967 that offers several regional touring productions throughout the year. A 15-minute Q & A session follows the performance at CLC.