Jul 7, 2011

New online writing course

Are there stories in your life that you have always wanted to write but have never gotten around to writing? Central Lakes College in Brainerd is offering “Creative Nonfiction,” a popular new writing genre, for the first time this fall when the term starts Aug. 22. “This course provides an opportunity for students to record significant memories, experiences, and observations through imaginative, purpose-driven prose,” said instructor Leane Flynn (pictured). “Creative Nonfiction is a highly interactive, online, entry-level creative writing course that covers a variety of creative nonfiction subgenres: memoir, personal essay, literary journalism, biography, and travel/place-based writing.” Flynn said the major components of the three-credit course are reading and analyzing some of the best examples of creative nonfiction while writing original stories, engaging in peer discussion and review, and conferencing regularly with the instructor. “Students will learn about publishing options and free online networking sites for creative writers,” she said, adding that those taking the course can create something special for their children and grandchildren. “Begin writing the stories of your life.” For information, contact Flynn at lflynn@clcmn.edu or call Admissions, 218-855-8137 or toll-free, at 800-933-0346, ext. 8037, or email Admissions@clcmn.edu