Aug 2, 2011

European tour success

The 44-member Central Lakes College Community Band experienced its inaugural European Concert Tour July 18-28, making music and traveling to where some of the most beautiful music in history was created. Ten companions accompanied the musicians, who performed for five audiences in four countries. They played in Prague, Vienna and Budapest. "We saw opulent architecture, breathtaking art, squalid poverty and people from other countries and cultures going through their daily lives," said Director Steve Anderson. "We saw the sum of almost a thousand years of European culture accumulated in places which had been conquered by invaders and oppressors, ruled by royalty both wise and foolish, and freed by the irrepressible spirit of their people." Side trips included the Mauthausen Holocaust museum, the Mozarthaus, State Opera House, Parliament, City Hall, the Imperial Palace and the Cathedral, Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna, and a dinner cruise on the Danube in Budapest. Images can be viewed at our Flickr site: