Aug 13, 2012

Police dog demo

Baxter Police Officer Matt Maier and Gator, police dog, will provide a demonstration of their law enforcement specialty on Aug. 21 at 7 p.m. in Room E203 at Central Lakes College. The event is hosted by the Center for Lifelong Learning. Titled “Dog: Man’s Best Friend and Law Enforcer Extraordinaire,” the 45-minute program is free for children and grandchildren accompanied by an adult, with free admission for members of the Center for Lifelong Learning and $6 for non-members. Officer Maier said that dogs have become an important part of law enforcement, sniffing out drugs, tracking perpetrators, protecting law officers, and more. He will discuss what breeds make the best enforcer and protector and outline the training of these dogs. The program features realistic demonstrations of how a police dog works to combat crime.