Oct 8, 2014

CLC Costa Rica Travel Study

Early Enrollment Discount Fast Approaching

PURA VIDA! Join three CLC Instructors as they take you through beautiful Costa Rica. Learn about the land, the language and the people of this peaceful nation. If you enroll for this opportunity by October 15, 2014, you will receive a $200 discount. You need NOT be a CLC student to join.

There are two ways to participate in this travel opportunity: as a credit-earning student or as a "community participant". Space is limited and preference given to those that will sign-up for the 3-credit travel study course, GLST 1491: Global Studies Experience International Travel Costa Rica. The course will cover Earth Science, Spanish and Intercultural Communication. Credit-bearing students will be expected to pay for the three credits, the associated school fees with taking credits and the cost of the travel package.

Although the travel package is not eligible for financial aid, the three credits are part of the student's load and are therefore eligible for financial aid to those that qualify. There are also a few community participant slots available which don't require enrolment in the course. However, there will be an additional $150 fee on top of the travel package that will be required.

The package price is $2,172 for individuals until October 15, 2014. This includes options in triple or quad rooms (depending on hotel availability at the time). For an additional $30 per night ($240 for the whole trip) you can upgrade to a room for two (1 or 2 beds). The base price of $2,172 (triple/quad room) includes a $200 discount for those that sign up before October 15, 2015.

For more information check out our website at http://costaricawithclc.weebly.com

Trip enrollment is open now so go to:

http://www.efcollegestudytours.com/professors-trip/1601699ZK Tour Number is 1601699ZK

Or, Contact any of the three instructors leading the trip:

Tracey Kloeckl-Jiménez, Spanish (218) 855-8183 email: TKloeckl@clcmn.edu

Kari Frisch, Intercultural Communication (218) 855-8167 email: kfrisch@clcmn.edu

Dave Kobilka, Earth Sciences (218) 855-8233 email: dkobilka@clcmn.edu