May 19, 2011

Innovation of Year

The League for Innovation in the Community College has named Central Lakes College as a winner in the 2011 Innovation of the Year competition -- specifically the Agriculture and Energy Center at Staples. Every year the League honors outstanding innovations which have been recognized by member institutions as Innovations of the Year. These innovations represent capstone achievements and the continuing renewal of the spirit of innovation and experimentation upon which the League was founded. As nominated by President Larry Lundblad of CLC, the Center is recognized for applied research that continues as an initiative to explore energy crops (such as miscanthus, pictured) with economic development consequences for otherwise unproductive, dryland acreage. The national honor, which is to be acknowledged at the League for Innovation website, included a framed certificate for the individual team members involved in the renewable energy crop production effort. They are Robert Schafer, Ron Nelson, Shelly Johnson, DelRay Lecy, and Rebecca Best. The League for Innovation Award website is