May 15, 2011

Student recognized

Clayton Lenk, a PSEO student at Central Lakes College who will graduate this spring from Brainerd High School, was recognized by CLC through presentation of a framed certificate thanking him for his assistance during the delivery of German courses. Clayton not only was in attendance for nearly each session of German I and German II classes this year. He volunteered to monitor equipment used in this unique delivery of German to students on the Brainerd campus. Their instructor, Ann Tuomi, was in Finland and taught using the Skype software system. "He made sure everything ran smoothly," said Ann. He assisted Karen Mertes with duties such as distributing and collecting assignments. Clayton and two classmates, Dr. Paul Carey and Larissa Anderson, had a common thread as employees of Essentia Health (St. Joseph's Medical Center). "Clayton was instrumental in assisting," said Karen. "At times the connection was lost and he was always there to get it back up and running. He was faithful in at the hospital and goes to school full-time."