Nov 9, 2012

'Night with Jon Hassler'

Jon Hassler Library at Central Lakes College, Brainerd, will play host to "A Night with Jon Hassler" on Tuesday, Nov. 27 at 7 p.m. The event will feature world premiere readings from "My Simon's Night Journal" edited and read by Joseph Plut, author of "Conversations with Jon Hassler." Two of Jon's novels, "Simon's Night" and "Staggerford," written while Jon was an instructor at the college, will be featured in the reading and discussion. There will also be commentary on Hassler memorabilia displayed in the library. A photo portrait will be unveiled, with a reception and refreshments.

“The occasion marks the fourth anniversary of the naming of the library after the world renowned Minnesota author Jon Hassler,” said Larry Kellerman, librarian.

Kellerman said that, in honor of Hassler as a former instructor at Brainerd Community College and as a prolific author, many of the CLC English instructors have incorporated the reading of Hassler’s “Staggerford” into curriculum during November.

The library presentation will feature a world premiere reading from “My Simon’s Night Journal,” edited and read by Joseph Plut, author of “Conversations with Jon Hassler.”  Hassler wrote two of his novels, “Staggerford” and “Simon’s Night,” while an instructor Brainerd Community College (now Central Lakes College) in the late 1970s.

In addition to the readings, there will be a review of related Hassler literature, memorabilia, and academic achievements of the author.

Some autographed and other copies of Hassler’s novels will be available for purchase, with the proceeds being contributed to the Jon Hassler Scholarship at the college. 

Hassler’s collected works:

1977 – “Staggerford”; 1979 – “Simon’s Night”; 1980 – “Jemmy”  (a young adult novel; 1981 – “The Love Hunter”; 1985 – “A Green Journey”; 1987 – “Grand Opening”; 1989 – “Four Miles to Pinecone” (a young adult novel); 1990 – “North of Hope”; 1993 – “Dear James”; 1995 – “Rookery Blues”; 1997 – “The Dean’s List”; 1999 – “Keepsakes and Other Stories,” “The Underground Christmas,”  and “My Staggerford Journal”; 2001 – “Rufus at the Door and Other Stories”; 2001 – “Good People”; 2002 – “The Staggerford  Flood”; 2004 – “The Staggerford Murders” and “Stories Teachers Tell” (Gretchen Kresl Hasslaer, editor); and 2006 – “The New Woman.”

An unveiling of donated photo portraits will conclude the event with a reception following.

Hassler died March 20, 2008, at the age of 74, in St. Louis Park, following complications from progressive super-nuclear palsy.