Oct 28, 2013

Cultural Thursday - American Indians: A Culture ALIVE!

November 7, 2013 in the Chalberg Theatre, CLC Brainerd Campus
In commemoration of National Native American Month, Central Lakes College Director of Intercultural Services, Diversity and Tribal Relations, Mary Sam, will present an overview beginning with the era of Indian boarding schools and ending with present day Mille Lacs Band Nay ah Shing school and Tribal College programming.  

Historically, the U.S. educational system took Indian children from their parents, moving them away from their tribes, their native customs and languages in an effort to assimilate them into “American” culture.  It has been a long journey of oppression, prejudice and struggle to rediscover their roots and rebuild their nation.  During this presentation, we will meet some of the Nay ay Shing and Central Lakes College students in their roles as singers and drummers.  They will explain their part in the Ojibwe traditions that we might witness at the Mille Lacs Band celebrations.  “It is important to remember the history, the struggle and to see how culture is being revived so that we can all have a better understanding of our relationships,” Kurtz, organizer of Cultural Thursday, notes.  “This gives us an overdue opportunity to interact as community neighbors; a bridge to cross and, hopefully, a door to walk through.”   

Please join us for the next Cultural Thursday, November 7th, Noon in the Chalberg Theater at Central Lakes College and participate in our celebration of:  American Indians: “A Culture ALIVE!

For more information, contact:  Jan Kurtz, CLC Spanish and Latin American Studies Department:  855-8183.