Mar 31, 2014

CLC Presents The Mixed Blood Theater Production “The Deaf Duckling”

Minneapolis’ Mixed Blood Theatre’s production of The Deaf Duckling will be performed at Central Lakes College in the Chalberg Theatre at 10 am on Thursday, April 10, 2014. 

Playwright Aditi Kapil deftly weaves together the classic “Ugly Duckling” fairy tale with the story of a deaf child born into a hearing family. Performed simultaneously in American Sign Language and English, it offers a warm and insightful look at how one family bridges deaf and hearing cultures. 

Originally produced by Mixed Blood in 2005 and revived in 2009, The Deaf Duckling again features both deaf and hearing actors in the talented cast of three. David Baughman and James Gardner join returning cast member Erin McGovern under the direction of playwright Kapil.

The Deaf Duckling is one of five culturally-specific productions toured this season by Mixed Blood Theatre, a Minneapolis-based multicultural theatre company founded in 1976. The others include the Chicano program Minnecanos; Dr. King’s Dream, a biography of the civil readers leader drawn from his own words; Black Eagle, a look at the life of Ron McNair, the African American scientist aboard the space shuttle Challenger; and Daughters of Africa, a music-driven history of African American women. 

The event is free and open to the public.