Mar 25, 2015

CLC Cultural Thursday to Highlight Somali immigrants in Minnesota

On Thursday, April 2, Central Lakes College will be hosting a Cultural Thursday event at noon in Chalberg Theater. Amal Hassan (a Somali community leader pursuing her Masters at SCSU in Early Childhood Special Education and Social Responsibility) and John Shanoff (a multilingual interpreter and a student in the Central Lakes College AD Nursing RN program) will be speaking on the topic of Somali Immigrants in Minnesota. 

Hassan and Shanoff will first share information on the history of Somali Immigration to the United States and specifically to Minnesota. They will then discuss the process of Somali acculturation and assimilation to Minnesota culture and how they have contributed our kaleidoscope of Minnesota’s ethnic heritages. Shanoff would like to share some common day-to-day living practices of the Somali people in order to help current Minnesota residents realize cultural understanding and sensitivity. Finally, the speakers will touch upon the development of collaborative health practices with the Somali community. Come early to assure preferred seating. 

For more information on this or other Cultural Thursday events, please contact Tracey Kloeckl-Jimenez at 218-855-8183