May 5, 2015

14 tutors receive certification

The Central Lakes College Learning Commons certified 14 of its tutors Monday at the Brainerd campus.
The college is certified as an International Tutor Training Program through College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). In order for the tutors to receive their Level 1 certification, they must participate in 10 hours of training and complete 25 hours of tutoring. 
Training includes one hour each of: Orientation, working with students with disabilities, reading strategies to help college students, ethics, professionalism and sexual harassment training. Students must also complete a two-hour session on “Tutoring Strategies” and “Dos and Don'ts of Tutoring,” followed by four hours of professional development, which included stress management, test anxiety, study skills and time management. 

This training, the 25 hours of tutoring and an evaluation of their tutoring techniques, is what is completed before the students receive their certificates in the program.