May 1, 2015

Early Middle College approved for CLC, Freshwater Education District

The Minnesota Department of Education recently approved the Central Lakes College and Freshwater Education District jointed application to establish an Early Middle College.
The program works with junior and senior alternative education center students to earn college credits while in high school.
“It’s an opportunity for students who are at risk of not graduating with their peers to have an opportunity to experience PSEO with more additional support than a typical PSEO student would have,” said Jana Timm, ALC specialist for the Freshwater Education District.
The early middle college, which is formally called the Freshwater Education District Gateway to College, will be located primarily at the CLC Staples campus. Students can apply now and classes will start in the fall semester.

This is the first early middle college approved by MDE located outside of the metro area, said Nick Heisserer, director of Enrollment Services at CLC. 
“It will give at-risk students some more skills, as well as a chance for them to see college is a worthwhile investment,” he said. 
Timm added that with the Early Middle College, students could graduate high school with a college-level certificate in hand to get them into a good paying job right away. 
Students can apply to be in three programs:
· Pathway for Phlebotomy Technician
· Pathway for Manufacturing Technician Certificate Program
· Pathway for Individualized Studies Diploma Program
For more information about the early middle college, contact:
Nick Heisserer, director of Enrollment Services at CLC, at 218-855-8038 or
Jana Timm, ALC specialist at Freshwater Education District, at 218-894-2439 ext. 1069 or