Oct 4, 2011

Suicide Prevention Program

The Crisis Line and Referral Service, in conjunction with Northern Pines Mental Health Center, Inc., and Central Lakes College, will host a free Suicide Prevention Program called "Judd's Story" at 3 p.m., Monday, Oct. 24 in the Lecture Hall (E 354) on the Brainerd campus. The program is designed to make students aware of the issues surrounding suicide and depression. There are three parts to the presentation. In the first, factual information about depression and suicide is given along with symptoms of depression and suicide. Presenters explain to the students why depression is a disease and what help is available. The second part is a personal account of the lost a child by suicide. The third is teaching students to be life savers and watch for the signs of depression and suicide in each other. After the presentation, students will be asked to fill out a survey. If they wish to speak with someone about depression or suicide that day, they may. They will also be given a business size card with the signs of depression and suicide on it.