Jun 4, 2012

Venus Transit viewing

Tuesday, June 5 Earthlings have a rare astronomical event called a Venus Transit -- a phenomenon that won't occur again until the year 2117. Venus crosses the face of the Sun, relative to the Earth. With the right equipment, it is something you can see. Without the proper equipment, you can neither see it nor escape permanent injury to your eyes if you attempt it.  The light from the Sun is extremely intense, and Venus is extremely small relative to the Sun. Do you want to come watch it at Central Lakes College?
The Earth Science department at CLC has the right equipment for safe viewing. Instructor David Kobilka (shown) of the Department of Geoscience will have a large telescope pointed to the sky from the Brainerd campus-- a free cosmic show that starts shortly after 5 p.m. and goes until sunset. He will be outside Door #8 on the little hill (the east maintenance area) or Door #1 (the main entrance).