Dec 16, 2010

Children's party a success

The Central Lakes College Student Senate-sponsored Christmas Party held for the children of single parents at CLC was a huge success, staged in the Multi-purpose Room at the Brainerd campus to allow for more room than the original site, the Fireside Lounge, where it had been held three previous Decembers. More than 100 children attended along with their CLC student parents. The Senate, through its effort aided by the CLC staff, was able to provide each child with a gift. Student Senate Elves did an amazing job of keeping the children entertained. Special thanks to Toy Ross-McRae, the Staples Student Senate Vice President, for organizing the majority of the event. Michael Marotta, a student in the Communication Art and Design program at Staples and treasurer of that campus student senate, did the honors as Santa Claus.