Dec 13, 2010

Engineering physics: For high achievers

Dan Macy, who attended Central Lakes College in 1997-98, returned to the Brainerd campus recently for a chance to work with first-semester engineering physics students. Macy has a master’s degree and has industry experience from studies at Cal Poly and the University of Michigan. He was surprised to find the CLC students engaged in problem solving at a level beyond that one might expect from the community and technical college. “They’re doing what some graduate programs would do,” said the Brainerd High School graduate who had taken several college classes while finishing at BHS. The rigorous CLC studies examine real problem solving and active learning as the process toward prospective careers. Instructor John Saber, who earned a doctorate in his subject, purposefully implements the critical thinking philosophy. “This is a style change from lecturing to use of thinking skills and team solutions,” said Saber, in his third year on the CLC faculty. Students take calculus concurrently, so the knowledge immediately blends to optimize relevance of the subject matter.

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