Dec 3, 2010

Holiday blues help

If you’re a student, December means more than upcoming holiday fun with family and friends. It means crunch time, with looming final exams and due dates for final projects and papers that are coming fast. These stressors can be overwhelming, leaving many students feeling anxious or depressed. During this vulnerable time, it is critical students take steps toward a healthy holiday. One of these steps is to do a mood check by taking a quick, free, anonymous online screening. Central Lakes College is offering these screenings, which can be accessed by visiting These screenings will help students determine if the stress they are feeling is a sign of something more, such as a common but under-diagnosed mood disorder, and how to get help if needed. “Students are feeling pressure from every angle this time of year, and it is important for them to remember to refresh themselves, by taking time to relax,” said Christina Kavanaugh, a counselor at Central Lakes College. “However, if a student is feeling tired or keyed up all the time, relaxation might not be enough, and it might be helpful for that student to speak with a counselor.”