Sep 2, 2010

International students

The Community College for International Development program is sponsoring one year of experience for international students at Central Lakes College. They are Bradley Van der Zandt, South Africa; Jose’ Sergio Cardoza Salguero, El Salvador; Dulce Perez Herrera, Guatemala; Muraty Harsono, Indonesia; Renata Barreto, Brazil; Jaka Mahendra, Indonesia; Hugo Ruano Diaz, Guatemala; Djamaluddin Paratmadi, Indonesia; and Miguel Porras Cruz, Guatemala. The students have been becoming acquainted with our cultures and the regional geography as well as the topography. Recent field trips have included stops at the Mille Lacs Indian Museum, the Mille Lacs Reservation Pow Wow, the Paul Bunyan statue at Akeley, and Itasca State Park with the source of the Mississippi River. Escorting the group on several occasions has been Erich Heppner, Director of Student Activities at CLC.